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[nectar_dropcap]T [/nectar_dropcap]his week we tapped Mandarin Kolsch, the new & delicious summery beer from PowderKeg Brewery. It is the result of a complex brew starting with a cold fermentation, using ale yeast. This type of process is normally found in the production of largers. Add into the mix Tettmanger & Mandarin Bavaria hops, along side mandarin zest and hey presto you have yourself a delicious & truly unique ale. Get it while you can! Also check out Cut Loose, Happy Pils.


A truly delicious Pilsner that IWSC have just named larger of the year

Powderkeg combine international beer styles with exciting new ingredients sourced from around the world, tweaking tradition to produce progressive beers for those that think about what they drink.

New World hops from America, New Zealand, Australia, even Japan, are at the heart of their beers. The climate and soil in which these hops are grown promote entirely different flavours in the hop flowers. With a skilled hand, they can draw out subtle hints of tropical fruits, citrus fruits, even white wine notes. This might sound a bit out-there for beer, but the results are stunning.

Always interesting and eminently drinkable; our beers are hand-crafted in small batches, naturally carbonated, matured to their best at the brewery,

Next in line

Devon Summer from Exe Valley Brewery, 3.9% of quaffable delightfulness. Lets hope the weather picks up & mimics the beer !

Branoc from Branscombe Brewery 3.8% one of my personal favourites. Light & rounded with a slightly bitter finish.

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