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Rosie Wibberley Wood aka Salad Superstar. Rosie grows the most amazing & interesting salad I have ever tasted. 

The best bit is her farm is only 20 minutes away, minimal food miles here & Rosie also works with us on a Tuesday night. Which makes her a very important part of The Ring of Bells. We decided to ask her a few questions about her salad production:

Rosie, how many different salad varieties do you grow? Up to 30 different types, including edible flowers, depending on the time of year. Please can you explain the lunar cycle…. It is a bit like a horoscope for plants! The life rhythms of all living plants are linked to the lunar cycle so we carry out tasks depending on the moon-sign element for the part of the plant we are interested in. For salads, it tends to be on leaf days. Do you eat salad everyday?!! Almost! What is your favourite salad leaf? That is tricky as they are all so different. I love the intensity of some of the herbs but the unusal appearance and cool, subtle flavour of Claytonia, also known as Winter Purslane,  makes it one of my favourites to add to the mix. Follow this link to find out more information on Winter Purslane – here How long have you been growing & selling salads for ? Around 8 years. Do you grow any other fruit and vegetables? Mainly for our own use, although we will also be getting into pressing more apple juice when our yield increases.

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