Nick is a man of many talents, specifically as a pastry chef. He joined our team a couple of months ago and is the man behind our delicious new pudding menu. We asked him a few probing questions:


Where did you used to work? 1st job was Browns Hotel, Mayfair, followed by The Mirrabelle, Mayfair, then Hyde Park Hotel, Grosvenor House was next – only lasted 2 weeks – what a shit hole. Lanmgham Hilton & Park Lane Hilton. Then The Royal Garden Hotel Kensington.

Did you feed anyone famous at the Royal Garden Hotel? YES! Prince Charles on his stag do. Steven Spielburgh & the cast of Dallas, the cast of Corrie. England, Aussie & Kiwi rugby teams. Roger Moore & Sean Connery – I made a cake & presented it too them (both pissed!)

When you aren’t in the kitchen where would you be found? Fixing stuff! In the workshop or garden.

What 3 edible things would you take on a desert island? Valrhona caramel milk chocolate. Sour dough & cambazola cheese.


Thank you Nick, wicked answers!! If you want to come and try one of Nick’s delicious puddings, they are on the menu as we¬†speak..

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