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From being our Sous Chef for over a year, it was a natural progression for Tom to take over the helm. We asked him a few probing questions for you..!



What inspired you to be a chef? My grandad was a farmer who always grew his own veg & believed in using the most local & freshest ingredients when cooking. My dad was a baker so I grew up with him teaching me the basics.

Where is the best place you have eaten recently? Paul Ainsworth at No.6, imaginative & SO tasty, really good service too.

Who is your favourite pub dog?!!! Such a hard question… I think it’s got to be Moon dog & Poppy, they are both absolute legends of dogs.

Who is your favourite customer?!! It sounds like I am being thrown under the bus with this one. All the locals are amazing, they are all my faves in their own way.. but if anyone wanted to buy me a pint, I’ll happily say its them!!

Did you always want to be a chef? Yes! With all the influences around me growing up and cooking at weekends with my granny, I think it was always on the cards. When I went to catering college in Exeter it really hit home that I wanted to be a chef. Getting taught by the best lecturers made me enjoy cooking even more.

What makes working at The Ringers so enjoyable? Firstly, it’s the team, we all have such a laugh but when it is showtime everyone is on it , we all work as a team to give the best experience to the customers as possible. Secondly, it’s the locals, it is really nice to finish a shift, get to the bar & hear all the witty comments being thrown around.

Desert island must haves? A good loaf of bread, a nice hunk of brie & a fair old supply of Devonian larger, you know, just to stay hydrated.

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