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It has been awhile since our last blog and a lot has happened. Firstly we nominated ourselves for the Exeter Living Awards and low & behold we are among one of the finalists for the Gastropub category. The winner will be announced on Thursday 12th April, watch this space, we will let you know if we are victorious or not! In the meantime, why not have a look at the different categories & other contenders.

Exeter Living

Well, we can’t not mention the bonkers weather that graced us a few weeks ago. What fun, a proper snow day was had by all, the pub had the atmosphere reminiscent to that of the blitz, so I have been told. We were cut off for a couple of days, luckily with prior planning, we were able to get all our deliveries in before the snow fell.

Red Squirrel

We are really excited to be collaborating with an amazing wine supplier called Red Squirrel Wines, ‘drinking outside the box since 2012’ is their motto. Check out their website

We are really thrilled to be able to showcase their products. We will be ordering a few cases at a time, so when its gone, its gone. Have a look at our wine list to see what we are stocking from them.

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